Zi Yan is apparently the mysterious rank 1 student of the Power Ranking. She eats medical ingredients because they contain energy so that she can grow up. She is a magical Beast that ate the shapeshift flower and turn into a human girl; also she possesses the ability to find high spiritual magical items. She is part of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe and is considered exceptionally important to them.

Appearance Edit

Young Edit

Zi Yan is a magical beast that got turn into a human because she ate the shapeshift flower. Her appearance as human is that of a small young girl with long purple hair and purple eyes. She is able to activate her magical beast wings when she feels like it which are purple and yellow radiant.

Teen Edit

The human figure which that had appeared was completely naked. A faint purple glow lingered over her body causing her to appear to possess a magical charm. Long, smooth purple-colored hair scattered down and landed on her lovely protruding buttocks. Which part of her matured body that protruded from the front and the back was a style that the little girl from back then possessed. Looking at the somewhat matured, yet cute appearance, this was surprising the little Zi Yan who had grown big.

Dragon Empress Edit

She has a tall figure & was wrapped within a dark-golden form-fitting armor. The armor was not bulky. It pressed against her exquisite and well-proportioned body, outlining her beautiful and sexy curves.

Personality Edit

She is extremely proud of her ability to find high ranking spiritual herbs and states that she has the right to eat them when she feels like it. She gets agitated and act like a child saying "meanie" when someone is takes something that she believes she deserves.

History Edit

She used to be a Dragon however she ate a Shape Shift Flower and got trapped in a human form.

Plot Edit

Xiao Yan went to the Receptarier warehouse to obtain a Asparagus Ice Fire Fruit. for his pills. However upon reaching the warehouse he find that high grade ingredients starts to disappear. When he reached the fruit, a mysterious girl took the fruit from him and tries to eat it. He told her that it would taste bad, she said she know its disgusting but she tries to eat it because it contain energy which helps her grow. Xiao Yan told her that he could turn the ingredients into pills that could be delicious and contain twice the energy. The girl then revealed herself as Zi Yan who is the number 1 in the power ranking and told Xiao Yan that he can do what he promised she will protect him however if he fails she will eat him

Trivia Edit

  • In the Manga Zi Yan's Hair grew longer when she advanced to Dou Huang, while in the Novel Her body became to a Beautiful Naked Teenager albiet temporarily.

Light Novel Edit