Yao Ye is the noble princess of Jia Ma Empire and the elder sister of Yu Er.

Appearance Edit

Yao Ye is a tall lady who looks similar to Yu Er. She has an icy demeanor, but also excluded a mature aura. She had a majestic and imposing manner befitting the Imperial Empire.

Personality Edit

She had an ice cold personality similar to Yu Er but is more mature compared to her. She also has a high level of leadership as she took care of the security of the Grand Meeting by controlling 50,000 soldiers. She is better than Yu Er in winning people over but is not willing to lower herself and befriend people who were not talented.

Light Novel Edit

She first appears during the Alchemist Grand Meeting along with Yu Er and Jia Lao. Jia Lao introduces Xiao Yan as the one who is most suited to win the meeting.He then introduces her to Xiao Yan as the one organizing the security of the meeting,greatly surprising him. She invites Xiao Yan to a banquet she will be hosting to celebrate the accomplishments of him during the meeting. She then wonders if Xiao Yan is as highly talented as Jia Lao tells him to be and muses that she would not have tried to befriend him if not for that. She is then seated alongside Xiao Yan in the VIP section which slightly disturbs him. After seeing Ya Fei and Nalan Yan Ran interact with Xiao Yan, she confirms with herself that he is an individual with great potential.