Not much is known about Yao Lau's abilities except that he was a skilled Receptarier, can warp space, and that he has a lot of battle experience.

Essence FlameEdit

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Name: Chilling Bone Flame


  • This flame is rank 11 essence flame and has the proprieties of ice and fire in a single body
Bone Chilling Flame


Name Rank Effects Image
Qi Accumulating Pill Unknown
  • It enables a 9th Stage Dou Disciple to accumulate and further their dou qi to become a Dou Practitioner.
Qi Accumulating Pill
Triple Imprint Spirit Pill 4th Rank Higher Class
  • Can enable a Dou Master to breakthrough to a Dou Grand Master.
  • Can increase a Dou Grand Master's strength by five ranks.
Destruction Pill 6th Rank
  • Able to remove seals
Destruction Pill
Earth Pill 6th Rank
  • Enables a person of lower rank to acquire the Fallen Heart Flame.


Name Effects Image
Elixir of Foundation Spirits
  • Increases training speed
Elixir of Foundation Spirits
Blood Coagulating Powder
  • Increases the speed of recovery
Blood Coagulating Powder