Xiao Zhan
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Name Xiao Zhan
Also known as
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Family Xiao Ding (First Son)

Xiao Li (Second Son)
Xiao Yan (Third Son)

Magical Beast
Occupation Xiao Family Patriarch/Leader
Affiliation Xiao Family
Dou Ranks Dou Ling - Dou Spirit
Receptarier Ranks
Element Wind
Manhua Debut Chapter 1
Light Novel Debut Chapter 2


Xiao Zhan is the father of Xiao Yan, Xiao Li, and Xiao Ding and he was the current Patriarch/Leader of the Xiao Family, before his disappearance during the fight with Yun Leng.

Appearance Edit

Xiao Zhan is meaty and average height man, with grey hair and blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Even when Xiao Yan lost his talent and became "trash" he did not lose his love for him but actually his love for his son grew. Xiao Zhan and his wife named Xiao Yan, because Yan meaning fire which represent Phoenix because he believed that Xiao Yan will never give up.

He has a small crush on Ruo Ling and when he writes letter to Xiao Xun asking for her well being he also ask for Ruo Ling.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

Light Novel Edit

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