Little Fairy Doctor
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Name Little Fairy Doctor
Also known as Little Angelic Doctor
Little Fairy Doctor
Heavenly Poison Girl
Sky Poison Woman
Xiao Xi Yian
Status Active
Physical Description
Species Human (Woeful Poison Body)
Age 20+

May 12th (Taurus)

Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Family Xiao Yao (Adoptive father - Manhua Only)
Allies Xiao Yan
Magical Beast Xiao Nan
Occupation Doctor

Sect Leader of Poison Sect (former) Guest Elder at Falling Star Pavilion

Affiliation Almighty Medical House

Poison Sect(former) Falling Star Pavilion

Dou Ranks 1 Star Dou Sheng - Dou Saint
Receptarier Ranks
Element Poison
Home Green Mountain Town
Manhua Debut Chapter 21
Light Novel Debut Chapter 110

 Xiao Yi Xian is cursed with a poisonous body. Although this body affords her great strength, it will also result in the death of her and everyone else in her vicinity.

Anyone who had a similar fate in the past died painfully when all the poison within their body exploded, destroying everything in a thousand mile radius.

Appearance Edit

Normally she has light purple hair colour and green eyes. However, in her demonized mode, she has white hair and red eyes instead which look similar to her adoptive father Xiao Yao

Personality Edit

History Edit

Xiao Yi Xian mother brought her to a village that specialized in collecting herbs and the village warmly accepted them. Xiao Yi Xian was only 3 year old when she was with her mother. One day she had discovered a beautiful flower which was called the money flower although it was extremely beautiful it contains a deadly poison. It had a seductive scent and the 3 year old Xiao Yi could not resist the temptation and ate the flower. She did not lose her life, but rather became a demon and murdered all the people who lived in the village, including her mother. Afterwards she was found by Xiao Yao and was adopted by him.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

The Xiao in her name means "little" while the Xiao in Xiao Yan name means "within"

She is mentioned in The Great Ruler as a wife of Xiao Yan

Light Novel Edit

  • Unlike the manhua Xiao Yi Xian didn't get the Blood Lotus Essence.
  • She also did not have an adoptive father, like she did in the Manhua and did not consume anything to get the Woeful Poison Body.