Xiao Yan is shown to be quite adept at making friends when he wants, thanks to its language (sometimes) Soft and charm. It also tends to create many enemies thanks to his sharp tongue.

Family Edit

Xiao Zhan Edit

Xiao Yan's father and patriarch of the Xiao family. He respects and loves his father. Xiao Yan devastated when he learned that his father was attacked and kidnapped after his battle with Na Lan Ya Ran. He went out to Misty Cloud Sect to kill Yun Leng even after the big fight with Yun Shan after Three Years Tournament to get away from there.

Xiao Ding Edit

Xiao Ding is the older brother of Xiao Yan. Xiao Ding is very protective about it in an almost fatherly way. They share a very close relationship.

Xiao Li Edit

Xiao Li is second older brother Xiao Yan. They are also very close.

Mother of Xiao Yan Edit

Xiao Yan was shown to be very close to his mother, and was deeply upset when she died. His desire for him to become a strong successor to the Xiao family was one of the main driving forces to never give up.

Xiao Yu Edit

Xiao Yu is his cousin. When they were young, he once saw bathing and touched her legs. This meant that she tried to kill him for almost a year. She has a hatred for Xiao Yan because of this and it just seems to have increased after he beat his brother, Xiao Ning to the point that he was crippled for a while. However, her attitude toward him seems to be changing as she saw his fitness and strength. She even tried to make him act as her boyfriend to ward off another guy.

Xiao Ning Edit

Xiao Ning is his cousin. After Xiao Yan fell to 3-star Duan Qi, he was one of the people who do not mocked him. As Xiao Yan was the only guy in the clan with whom Er Xun was close, it keeps the hatred towards the former. This hatred was only increased after losing to Xiao Yan during the Ritual of Coming of Age. However, after seeing the strength of Xiao Yan and after mature in Jia Nan Academy, he began to have a friendly relationship with Xiao Yan.

Friends Edit

Yao Lao Edit

Xiao Yan first met when Yao Yao Lao Lao spoke to him through his mother's ring after the confrontation with his fiancee Na Lan Yan Ran. It turns out that Lao Yao was who was taking his Dou Qi, making it pretty useless as it used to be a prodigy. Soon after, Xiao Yan becomes student of Lao Yao. Under the tutelage of Lao Yao, Xiao Yan had managed to increase their strength and power quickly and became a capable Receptarier.

Hai Po Dong Edit

Even though he and Xiao Yan had a rough start when they first met, they become good friends. Hai Po Dong acknowledges Xiao Yan's determination and strength and is willing to help him to escape from Yun Lan Mountain after being framed on killing Yun Lan Sect member. He is shown to be quite concerned for the well being of Xiao Yan but does not like to show it, as he hates sentiment.

Wu Hao Edit

At first, Xiao Yan and Wu Hao fought against one another in the outer branch competition but to due to Wu Hao's personality and he had corporated with Xiao Yan when they first go to the inner branch, Wu Hao has soon became Xiao Yan friend

Romantic Interests Edit

Xun Er Edit

Xiao Yan and Xun Er have been friends for a very long time, having grown up together. Xiao Yan loves Xun Er very much and is the only woman he thinks of eternally. Xiao Yan calls Xiao Xun, his girlfriend.

Xiao Yi Xian Edit

Although, at first Xiao Yan and Xiao Yi Xian have a small conflict over a material, they quickly became friends after Xiao Yan helped Xiao Yi Xian over some matters and vice versa.

Yun Yun Edit

Yun Yun and Xiao Yan have a bit of a complicated relationship since they are part of clans/sect that are against each other. However it is clear that Yun Yun has feelings for Xiao Yan even thought he might not completely feel the same for her (this is quite different in the Light Novel Version).

Queen Medusa Edit

Queen medusa/Cai Lin met Xiao Yan at Jia Ma Empire. She cm hated Xiao Yan at first but after Xiao Yan saved her twice she then fell for him,she is also pregnant with the reincarnation of Xiao Cai and due to Xiao Yans caring demeanor for Xiao Cai he decides to become the father of it. ( the Manhua where medusa was pregnant with Xiao yans child, it was only his child when he decided to be kind and adopt it.) ( TEAM XUN ER!!)


Han Feng Edit

Han Feng is Yao Lao former pupil and was the main reason for his death, it made Xiao Yan, now disciple Lao Yao. He was later killed by Xiao Yan as revenge for his master

Spirit Hall Edit

Although he did not yet know it, around chapter 145.

Yun Shan Edit

It is the former leader of the Yun Lan Sect, which has capabilities of a Dou zong. It is quite blindsided by his sect and is currently following Xiao Yan.

Han Xian Edit

Leader of a clan in medicine Jia Nan Academy, Xiao Yan who hate to sell pills and want to monopolize Xiao Yan pills created and revenue. He and Xiao Yan had a competition and he lost, but refuses to accept the reality and blame their failure to Xiao Yan. (Lower Enemy)