Xiao Xiao
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Name Xiao Xiao
Also known as Xiao Cai
Status Active
Physical Description
Species Half Snakesmen
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color Dark Black
Family Xiao Yan(Father)
Xiao Zhan(Grandfather)
Xiao Ding(Uncle)
Xiao Li(Uncle)
Xiao Cai
Allies Xiao Clan
Magical Beast Medusa Bloodline
Affiliation Xiao Clan
Dou Ranks Eight Star Dou Sheng - Dou Saint
Receptarier Ranks
Element Fire (Domain)


Home Jia Ma Empire

Xio Clan Residence

Manhua Debut
Light Novel Debut Chapter 1230


Xiao Xiao is the daughter of Xiao Yan and Medusa.She has higher potential than her mother due to the 7 tier Heaven Soul Blood Bone Pill provided by Xiao Yan .

Appearance Edit

She has a petite body with deep black eyes and hair like her father.

Ablities Edit

She can instantly use Dou Zong level powers due to her spiritual connection with the seven colured heaven swallowing python without needing to cultivate.

Trivia Edit

  • She is called Xiao Cai in the english manhua translated version
  • Her father is Xiao Yan and her mother is Medusa
  • She has the  Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python accopanying her.

Light Novel Edit

  • She Breafly appears during Chapter 1230. Calling out to Medusa as Mother. She was also an Elite Dou Zong a that time.
  • She has the Seven Coloured Heaven Swallowing Python accompanying her (which we know as Xiao Cai) as depicted in the Novel.