Xiao Mei
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Name Xiao Mei
Also known as
Status Active
Physical Description
Species Human
Age 19
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Red
Family Xiao Yan (cousin)
Magical Beast
Occupation Student
Affiliation Xiao Family

Jia Nan Academy

Dou Ranks Dou Shi - Dou Master
Receptarier Ranks
Element Wind
Home Wu Dan City, Jia Ma Empire
Manhua Debut Chapter 10
Light Novel Debut Chapter 1

 Xiao Mei is the cousin of Xiao Yan, they were a bit close when they were young but when Xiao Yan lost his talent she ignored him and stayed away from him. She could be considered as the 4th most talented in Xiao Yan generation. 1st being Xiao Yan himself followed by Xun Er.

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  • Unlike her Manhua counterpart she appeared on chapter 1 of the light novel.