Xiao Lin
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Name Xiao Lin
Also known as
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Species Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Color Unkown
Eye Color Unknown
Family Xiao Zhan (Son)

Xiao Yan (Grandson)
Xiao Li (Grandson)
Xiao Ding (Grandson)
Xiao Mei (Granddaughter)
Xiao Ning (Grandson)
Xiao Yu (Granddaughter)
Xiao Qing (Granddaughter)

Allies Na Lan Jie(Friends)
Magical Beast
Occupation Former Xiao Family Leader
Affiliation Xiao Family
Dou Ranks
Receptarier Ranks
Element Unknown
Home Wu Dan City, Jia Ma Empire
Manhua Debut Chapter 65
Light Novel Debut


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