Xiao Hong
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Name Xiao Hong
Also known as
Status Active
Owner Xiao Yan
Race Magical Beast
Gender Male
Personal Stats
Species Red Wolf
Rank 4
Manhua Debut Chapter 25
Light Novel Debut

Xiao Hong is a Magical Beast that Xiao Yan helped to deal with a Demon Ape in the Magical Beast Forest.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

When he was a Rank 1 Magical Beast when he met Xiao Hong. He was protecting a herb when a Rank 2 Magical Beast was fighting for the herb. After Xiao Hong protected him he became his familiar. He became a Rank 2 Beast from eating failed experiments.

Trivia Edit

  • Xiao Hong is the second magical beast shown as an ally.
  • Xiao Nan being the first ally-Xiao Yi Xian is the first to have a magical beast

(over size hawk) in manhua ch.24 page 19.

Light Novel Edit

  • He does not exist in the light novel but only in the manhua.

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