Xiao Clan
Xiao Clan 4
Name Xiao Family
Also Known as
Location Wu Dan City Former

Manly Steel Mercenary

Gama Holy City(The capital of Gama empire)

Leader Xiao Yan

The Xiao Family was formerly one of the 8 Great Clans but they lost their place after a certain event caused them to lose their Dou Di Blood. They are currently the most powerful clan in Wu Dan City. They possess a key that every single clan leader will place a small amount of spiritual energy within it. This key is greatly desired by the 7 Great Clans.

The Xiao (萧)in the name literally means sad or the sound that winds make.

After they disappearance of Xiao Zhan, Xiao Yan became the clan leader and issued a movement from Wu Dan City to Tagger Desert where his brothers are located at.

Members: Edit

The Huang rank high level Dou Qi method: Incinerating Flame is Xiao family strongest fire Dou Qi method.

Gallery Edit

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