Wu Hao
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Wu Hao (Blood Ashura)
Name Wu Hao
Also known as Blood Asura
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color
Magical Beast
Occupation Student
Affiliation Jia Nan Academy
Boulder Sect
Dou Ranks Dou Wang - Dou King
Receptarier Ranks
Element Fire
Manhua Debut Chapter 107
Light Novel Debut Chapter 416

  A member of the Jia Nan Academy who became friends with Xiao Yan after he was defeated by him in battle.

He is the captain of the enforcement team of Jia Nan Academy.

Appearance Edit

Wu Hao, has red hair and red eyes. He wears personalised red and black clothing, which haven`t been changed since he first appeared in the manhua.

Personality Edit

He is aggressive towards people that annoys him, but he is friendly towards people he know and he prefers to use battles as training instead of meditation. He normally radiates bloodlust.

History Edit

With our current information his background remains unknown.

Plot Edit

When Xiao Yan came to Jia Nan Academy he and Xun Er had to fight against 49 people who were meant to enter into the Inner Branch. Wu Hao was one of the individuals in this fight , he, Hu Jia and Bai Shan were the only 3 people who was left standing after Xiao Yan used the 3000 lighting movement.

Trivia Edit

  • He killed evil people in the black horn territory.

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