Due to in the early times, there were too many small countries in the land now know as China, they had has a way to call diffrent Kings. The highest is Di , in the history the first guy to call him self Di is Qin Shi Huang-the guy who built the wall- as he unified 6 others small countries into a bigger unison. Below Di are Huang and Wang. In the chaos times of Feudal China -mainly around the Han Dynasty time-many people just took over a small city and called himself a King. Note that this king is either Huang or Wang. It is because Di is only reserved for the guy who conquered all. 

Related to the manhua: Di should be call Emperor not God, there is another word for that. Truly, if you said Huang=Emperor, it is just plain wrong.

Google transalte isn't always right ya know, it translated Xun Er into Kaoru?!!?

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