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    I have noticed that in the category Places has pages that are not actually about places but Sects/Groups/Clans.

    For example, Yun Lan Sect is a Sect, not a place. The place that the members of Yun Lan Sect live in, also their headquarter is called Yun Lan Shan( Yun Lan Moutain).

    The same could be said for Boulder Sect, White Clans,etc.

    Another example, Spirit Hall is actually the name of a large organization created by Soul clan. Their has halls - for a lack of a better English word- yes, but their locations are unknown thus far and these halls are called by ranks.

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  • Nonickfound

    Due to in the early times, there were too many small countries in the land now know as China, they had has a way to call diffrent Kings. The highest is Di , in the history the first guy to call him self Di is Qin Shi Huang-the guy who built the wall- as he unified 6 others small countries into a bigger unison. Below Di are Huang and Wang. In the chaos times of Feudal China -mainly around the Han Dynasty time-many people just took over a small city and called himself a King. Note that this king is either Huang or Wang. It is because Di is only reserved for the guy who conquered all. 

    Related to the manhua: Di should be call Emperor not God, there is another word for that. Truly, if you said Huang=Emperor, it is just plain wrong.

    Google transa…

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