(This is a 100% fanon character, all information displayed on this page, is not quoteable information) Xiao Xan was born and raised by his father Xiao Yan and his mother Xiao Xun.


Xiao Xan has the appearence of a young Han Feng. He has colored his normally jet black hair, green to the roots. By creating a 1st rank shampoo essence.


Xiao Xan has a very kind personality. He loves his family more than anything else, except maybe power. He has killed and stolen for power, knowledge and skill. He has never betrayed his master nor his family in his quest for power. Yet.


Xiao Xan was born into the Xiao family. His mother was one of his fathers many lovers. But this didn´t stop him from standing out of the bunch, he had a genius like talent. His father thought he reminded him of himself and han feng which frightened him. Xan has always taken care of his younger brother. Who was on the same level of genius as Xan.

Xan grew up in the shadow of his father, but his mother always took care of him.  At a young age he was given Terminal Blaze like his younger brother, and just after that he was given the Falling Heart Flame. And his younger brother was given the Dragon Phoenix Flame, they took off on an adventure to become the strongest. By helping each other the 2 became an unbeatable duo. Xan helped his brother cultivate and he also helped himself while doing so. Xan´s brother started blindly trusting Xan, which is why he didn´t notice when Xan slowly started killing people using the Soul Eater pill. Xan progressed at a alarming rate, he had outgrown his brothers strength in merely a month he was atleast 5 stars apart from his brother. He was becomming stronger at such a rate that an entire empire took notice.

Xan started killing and looting for fun and for finding treasures. He even trained as a Poison Master for a while, even eating the Living Corpse Insect. Xan was beyond salvation but his brother wouldn´t give up. He refused to give up on his beloved big brother. In the end, their father locked Xan up in the darkest and most secure dungeon. His brother came to visit him everyday, he even fed him. Xan couldn´t help but feel responsible for his little brothers suffering.