The Spirit Fusion Pill is a legendary 6th rank pill. The Spirit Fusion Pill was first mentioned by Queen Medusa. The pills effect is currently
Spirit Fusion
unknown, but from what we can tell it merges 2 or more souls to create one powerful being. The only instance that we´ve heard anyone talk about this was when Medusa wanted to fuse with Bai Cai, so that she could have permanent control over her body, and become stronger while doing it. 

The recipe for the Spirit Fusion Pill was also a prize for winning the Receptarier tournament. Which Xiao Yan won, and in turn aquired the recipe.

Queen Medusa gave Xiao Yan 1 year to become a 6th rank Receptarier, so that he could successfully create the pill. Since there are no known current users of the spirit fusion Pill I cannot supply you with too much information about this pill, but since it was requested I did my best.

Hope I helped!

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