Mysterious Ying Yang Dragon Pill
The Mysterious Ying Yang Dragon Pill is a 7th class pill. It is said that in all of history, only 2 has ever managed to create a Mysterious Ying Yang Dragon Pill. The materials for the The Mysterious Ying Yang Dragon Pill are extremely rare, it requires 2 "6th rank Dragon type magical beast´s core" for it to be created. It has the power to bring you back from the brink of death, and reform your body. It also increases your power, most notably your skill and power in the Sound skill area. It has been said that one Sound wave dou skill, would make one a spirit type powerhouse. 

However it has been said that the effect of being reformed is hellish like pain during the transformation, since we´ve only heard of this and not seen it we cannot completely confirm it. We can see Xiao Yan swallow the pill in chapter 103, but since he is not fataly injured we cannot see the full effect of the pill. He did mention that he felt no pain, and that it might have been a fake. His master Yao Lao confirmed that it was not. The shout that Xiao Yao let out after swallowing the pill, knocked out around 15 magical beast bird types, in the area. 

Since the pill Requires 2 6th rank dragon type magical beast´s cores, it is extremely hard to make one. It is unknown if there are other ingredients to it. But since none have been mentioned so far, we´re gonna assume that there´s not.

Hope I helped. And Thank you for reading.


  • Xiao Yan
  • Gu Ling

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