Snow Demonic Ape
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Snow Demonic Ape
Name Snow Demonic Ape
Also known as
Status Active
Race Magical Beast
Gender Unkown
Personal Stats
Species Snow Demonic Ape
Rank Rank 5
Manhua Debut Chapter 136
Light Novel Debut

This particular kind of magical beast have a mutation in it genes that will allow it a boost when it got angry. This mutation is call Berserker's Blood.

Appearance Edit

A small cute white ape that has two tail. However his size grows tenfold when he enter super mode. His most important feature is his fluffy hair.

Personality Edit

He is quite protective of his geocentric cleansing milk and isn't very welcoming towards intruders.

History Edit

Plot Edit

He fought against Han Yue, Yan Hao, Lin Xiu Ya to protect his geocentric cleansing milk. He was defeated by Lin Xiu Ya in his normal form however he quickly got back up in his super mode which is made possible because his race possess a Berserker blood.

After entering the Berserker blood Han Yue and her team had to retreat and then Xiao Yan with Yao Lao tried to get the Geocentric Cleansing Milk. However he was still in Bererker mode so it was Bai Cai who fought against him and with the Demonic Ape being distracted Xiao Yan entered the cave.

Trivia Edit

Light Novel Edit

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