Dou Qi Skill Ranking Edit

Dou Qi skill ranking is separated into 4 classes. The higher the level, the stronger the skill. Once you have reached Dou Practitioner, you are able to learn skills and abilities. Reading scrolls is the most common way to gain a new skill; however, there are other ways to obtain abilities. You can even develop new and unique abilities through rigorous training. Though uncommon, these are abilities that have never been seen before and are unique to you.

  1. Huang (Yellow): This is the first rank skill class and within each skill there is a further subclass as low/mid/high.
  2. Xuan (Black): This is the second rank skill category.
  3. Di (Earth): This is the third rank skill class.
  4. Tian (Heaven): This is the fourth rank skill class, it is the highest and most powerful skill class and as with each skill class there is a further subclass as low/mid/high.
  • This ranking can also be applied to the Dou Qi practitioner's training methods (Dou Qi Method, or Gong Fu).

This comes from the first line of the classic educational text, the Qian Zi Wen (Thousand Character Essay), which was written by Zhou Xingsi of the Liang Dynasty:

天地玄黄,宇宙洪荒. Tian Di Xuan Huang, Yu Zhou Hong Huang. Sky Earth Black Yellow, Time Space Primordial-Chaos.

Dou Qi Status Ranking Edit

This is a ranking according to how strong the person is. In this land whoever has strength, has dignity. Without strength you are nothing. As you train your Dou Qi level you gain status and rank, within each Dou Qi rank there are sub ranks indicated as stars when you reach nine stars you have the potential to rank up. e.g. - a nine star Dou Practitioner will rank up to Dou Master with his next Dou Qi increase. The gap between each stars will increase as each one pass each rank and the rate of increase would also increase.

Rank Dou Realm Details
Pinyin Translated
1 Dou Zhi Qi
Dou Disciple
2 Dou Zhe
Dou Practitioner
3 Dou Shi
Dou Master Can use a Dou Qi Cloak. The Dou Qi becomes liquid.
4 Da Dou Shi
Dou Grand Master Can use a Dou Qi Armor.
5 Dou Ling
Dou Spirit Dou Qi solidifies and can be applied to various external objects.
6 Dou Wang
Dou King 1) Able to use Dou Qi wings and fly in the skies. One's speed thus increases to a great extent.

2) Also, the Cultivator can draw moderate amount of Dou Qi from the outside world.

7 Dou Huang
Dou Emperor Can draw large amounts of Dou Qi that have the same attribute as oneself from one's surroundings. Can also pause mid air without any support for a short period of time.
8 Dou Zong
Dou Ancestor Can hold oneself mid air without external factors and can even create spacial locks.
9 Dou Zun
Dou Venerate Knows and controls the secrets of space. Can create short-distance wormholes for traveling.
10 Ban Sheng
Half Saint It is a trasitional stage of the higher-level cultivation. One must come to this intermediate stage in order to attain the particularly-mighty stage of Dou Sheng. The Ban Sheng class was divided into the initial, intermediate, and high level. Each sub level possessed a great gap between them.
11 Dou Sheng
Dou Saint When a cultivator reaches this stage, his or her Dou Qi power would increase so tremendously that it surpasses the strength gap between any two of the previous stages (exponentially probably). Once the person achieves the 6-star level, he or she can open an entire realm where people could live in. Then once the 7-star level is reached, the cultivator can summon abundant Dou Qi present in the surrounding world that may form a quasi-tide phenomenon, by which the unimaginable power can manifest. 9-star "Dou Sheng" symbolizes the peak of the Dou Saint stage, that the person can easily destroy almost any ordinary level objects ("ordinary" means ones used by normal Dou Zun cultivators, still very powerful), and overpower the combination of 1000 Dou Zun-stage cultivators.
12 Dou Di
Dou God A mythical rank that is above all others with a power gap so large that a peak level Dou Sheng is like an ant in front of a Dou Di. At least 9 Dou Di in the ancient times has been identify, 8 are the founders of the Eight Ancient Clans, the last one is known as the Tou She Ancient God. This is information from the novel.

Alchemist (Receptarier) Ranking Edit


They are basically alchemist and can mix various ingredients ranging from common to godly items, to create pills and potions. There are very few Alchemist in the world, thus having one in your household is considered a blessing from the heavens. Alchemists are ranked from 1st Stage (Grade) to 9th Stage (Grade) and each Stage (Grade) is divided into three Tier are :- (Low-Mid-High) . After the 9th Stage there is a stage which has not been achieved for thousands of years, similarly to the Dou Di. This stage is known as the Di Stage (10th Stage) .

Here is a list of known receptariers: Alchemist

Essence Flame (Heavenly Flame) Ranking Edit

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There are currently 23 known Essence Flames, each equally as wild and explosive.
  1. 陀舍古帝 - Steep Hut Ancient Emperor Flame
  2. 虚无吞炎 - Ethereal Swallowing Flame (Novel: Nihility Devouring Flame)
  3. 净莲妖火 - Purifying Lotus Demon Flame
  4. 金帝焚天炎 - Golden Emperor Sky Burning Flame
  5. 生灵之焱 - Living Spirits Flame
  6. 八荒破灭焱 - Eight Waste Destruction Flame
  7. 九幽金祖火 - Nine Eerie Golden Ancestor Flame
  8. 红莲业火 - Red Lotus Flame
  9. 三千焱炎火 - Three Thousand Star Fire Flame (Novel: Three Thousand Burning Flame)
  10. 九幽风炎 - Nine Eerie Wind Flame
  11. 骨灵冷火 - Chilling Bone Flame (Ice and fire in a single body)
  12. 九龙雷罡火 - Nine Thunder Dragon Flame (Novel: Nine Dragon Lightning Flame)
  13. 龟灵地火 - Turtle Spirit Earthly Flame
  14. 陨落心炎 - Fallen Heart Flame
  15. 海心焰 - Heart of the Sea Flame
  16. 火云水焱 - Flaming Cloud Water Flame
  17. 火山石焰 - Volcanic Stone Muslim Flame
  18. 风雷怒焱 - Anger of Mother and Father Flame
  19. 青莲地心火 - Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame (Born in the deepest parts of the earth) Green Lotus Core Flame in the novel.
  20. 龙凤焱 - Dragon Phoenix Flame
  21. 六道轮回炎 - Six Way Reincarnation Flame
  22. 万兽灵火 - Ten Thousand Beast Flame
  23. 玄黄炎 - Xuan Yellow Flame

Soul Ranking Edit

There are 4 rankings for souls power :

Normal/Mortal: Ranging from 1st to 7th ranked Receptairiers

Spirit: 8th ranked Receptariers

Tian (Heaven): Divided into 3 stages first, after and full. This is the level of 9th ranked Receptairier, at the peak Tian level, it could span for 10 thousand of miles, also in this stage, the soul can become solid as strong as the body so instead of one Xiao Yan for example, there is now 4

Emperor level: Can span for hundred thousands of miles. Achieving Di stage however is easier than making a Di Rank Pill or becoming a Dou Di.

Magical Beast Ranking Edit

Magical Beasts are ranked from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most powerful. There is no star ranking among the Magical Beasts. When a Magical Beast advances to the 5th rank they become able to speak human language, when they advance to the 6th or 7th rank they are able to change into human form in order to accelerate their Dou Qi Training.

Rank 1 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Zhe - Dou Practitioner

Rank 2 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Shi - Dou Master

Rank 3 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Da Dou Shi - Dou Grand Master

Rank 4 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Ling - Dou Spirit

Rank 5 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Wang - Dou King

Rank 6 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Huang - Dou Emperor

Rank 7 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Zong - Dou Ancestor

Rank 8 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Zun - Dou Venerate

Rank 9 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Sheng - Dou Saint

Rank 10 Magical Beast is equivalent to a Dou Di - Dou God