This page is to compare the diffrents between the manhua and the novel.

I will be mainly using the chapters of the Vietnamese version Light Novel.

The chapters of the Chinese Light Novel after around chapter 163 start to have a few diffrents since there are uncannon chapters that aren't related to the plot that the author add into the novel, like how he is busy at the moment or some thing like that. So because of that, from 163 and beyond, a chapter of the Vietnamese version equal the number of that chapter plus 6 or 8 more chapters.

Chapter 143 Edit

This chapter cover from the later half of chapter 527 to 534 of the Light Novel(LN).

The first noticeable diffrent in the novel is that Zi Yan doesidn't have dragon-like wings like in the manhua and in her self-story there wasn't a dragon sillouhete to foreshadow her magical beast form.

The second diffrent is that the pill that Xiao Yan made for her is only more refined than the originally ingredient and it look like a pill, not a lolipop.

The third diffrent : Su Qian actually reached the mountain after Yao Lao had finished creating the pill and Han Feng just noticed that there seem to be a 6 ranked pill being made and he certainly didn't noticed that it was Yao Lao refining the pill, other than that, there is no blazing Chilling Bone Flame column, just a burst of raw energy.

Chapter 144 Edit

This chapter cover from the later half of chapter 535 to 542 of the Light Novel(LN).

Yun Shan didn't appeared at the masscare and Xiao Yan actually went around to find more ingredients, herbs before returning to the academy.

Chapter 145 Edit

The events was pushed up too fast, Xiao Yan actually managed to leveled up a few stars in this period in the novel. The manhua just gave a flashback about Xun Er giving Xiao Li Dou Qi technique and Gong Fu

There was a small fight between Xiao Yan and a Dou Ling level student that happened

Chapter 148 and Chapter 149 Edit

These two manhua chapters cover 8 chapters of the novels from chapter 568 to chapter 575.

Xiao Yan certainly didn't throw out his Ace like that originally.

In the novel, both of Xiao Yan and Liu Jing exchanged blows for quite a while before throwing they big shots out to finish.