Na Lan Jie
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Name Na Lan Jie
Also known as General Na Lan
Lionheart commander of the Jia Ma Empire
Status Active
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Pink
Family Na Lan Yan Ran (Grand daughter)
Na Lan Su(Son)
Allies Xiao Yan
Magical Beast
Occupation Commander of the Jia Ma Empire
Affiliation Nalan family

Jia Ma Empire

Dou Ranks Dou Wang - Dou King
Receptarier Ranks
Home Jia Ma Empire
Manhua Debut Chapter 63
Light Novel Debut

  Na Lan Jie is known by others as the the Lionheart commander of Jia Ma Empire. Xiao Yan's grandfather Xiao Lin and Nalan Jie were like blood brothers to each other. Xiao Yan and Na Lan Yan Ran were born at around the same time so the two friends decided that they would get married. Na Lan Jie is known to be extremely arrogant and he also places extreme emphasis on promises. He always has the last say in any matter of the Na Lan Family.

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