Mu Er Han
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Mu Er Han
Name Mu Er Han
Also known as Dou King Mu Er Han
Status Deceased
Physical Description
Species Human
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Hair Color half Black and half Gray
Eye Color Red
Magical Beast
Occupation Black Skull Grave Protector
Affiliation Black Skull Grave
Dou Ranks Dou Wang - Dou King
Receptarier Ranks
Manhua Debut Chapter 101
Light Novel Debut


Mu Er Han is a Protector of the Black Skull Grave and supposedly he was very strong and capable fighter since he was widely famous Dou King Mu Er Han.


He had a muscular body with dark skin and his eyes were red. He had tattoos in his head was two short triangles pointed up and one long triangle in the middle of the two pointed down. He had half long black hair and his other half was short gray hair. He weared in black monk's rob with gray pants and he had a skull necklace around his neck.


He liked to make others looked the fool and made fun of them. In a way he was honorable when he cursed at Fan Ling for using a sneak attack and Blood Sect's Blood Poison against them.



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