Romantic Interests Edit

Xiao Yan Edit

Medusa's relationship with Xiao Yan is somewhat complicated. In their initial encounter, they fought when she was in her adult form. However, after she merges with Xiao Cai, she remains dormant until Xiao Cai asks for her help to save Xiao Yan. Initially, Medusa only kept Xiao Yan alive so he could create the Spirit Fusion pill to seperate her spirit from Xiao Cai's. Their relationship begins to grow slowly as Medusa was unable to harm Xiao Yan due to Xiao Cai's spirit remaining inside her. Her affection towards him also shows when he saves her twice: once against a raging beast and the other during a battle. Later on in the story, Xiao Yan unintentionally rapes her during process of consuming the Essence flame as the aphrodisiac affects his mind. This leads to her pregnancy with Xiao Xiao (with Little Cai reincarnated alongside Xiao Xiao). Her pregnancy eventually leads her to accept Xiao Yan as her husband and she begins to care for him even more, especially since Xiao Yan didn't budge on his promise to provide nurturning pill for the child. Xiao Yan have always admired her (who doesn't, she is a peerless beauty anyway), he even said once that he liked how she was when she threaten to kill him in the past. He accepted her as his wife and always treated her well. She also helped him to manage things on Yan Alliance during Xiao Yan's travel to middle territory. They eventually marry under the witness of Xiao Ding and Xiao Li.

Xiao Xiao Edit

Her daughter with Xiao Yan. She really loves her and would prioritize her well being before hers. She even planned to leave Xiao Yan forever if he ignored his promise to provide Xiao Xiao with the nurturning pill. Later on, during a battle for Yan Alliance, she would ask Xiao Yi Xian to ensure Xiao Xiao's safety should the battle was lost. While Medusa always keep indifferent and cold attitude towards people, she always become a gentle and warm mother for Xiao Xiao.