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Name Medusa
Also known as Cai Lin
Physical Description
Species Snakemen
Gender Female
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Yellow
Family Bai Cai (Xiao Xiao) (Daughter)

Xiao Yan (Husband)

Allies Xiao Yan

Jia Ma Empire

Magical Beast
Occupation Snakemen Queen
Affiliation Snakemen Race
Dou Ranks Dou Zong - Dou Ancestor
Receptarier Ranks
Home Tageer Desert
Manhua Debut Chapter 47
Light Novel Debut

  She is the queen of the snakemen. She is currently a 1 star Dou Zong and also exists in the form of a snake. Her purpose currently is to merge her soul with the 7 color snake soul.

She is intrested in Xiao Yan, but want to kill him for many reasons. One of those being that she is prideful and arrogant of the fact that she is Queen Medusa, while Xiao Yan doesn´t seem to care all the time.

Appearance Edit

Medusa is a very beautiful snake woman. She gains a younger appearance (roughly 13-14 yr old) after trying to advance into higher ranks which Yun Shan mistakes her as her daughter. She has long crimson colored hair, pale snow white skin and golden colored eyes. She normally wears a purpled skin tight dress.

Personality Edit

She is very prideful and has superiority complex as she wanted other people to address her as "Your Highness" or "Queen". Medusa has a soft point towards children and admitted that humans are interesting.

History Edit

Yun Shan fell in love with her in the past, and wants to become a Dou Ancestor to gain her affection.

Plot Edit

She is still with Xiao Yan for a pill that would merge her soul with Xiao Cai allowing her complete control of her body.

She can't hurt Xiao Yan because of Xiao Cai's spirit. After The Falling Heart Flame arc she becomes pregnant with Xiao Yans child and they get married later on the series in chapter 1390.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a child with Xiao Yan.
  • In the light novel (chapter 517), she is the second person to see Yao Lao in his spirit form (the first being Xiao Yan).
  • In the light novel (chapter 648), Xiao Yan gives her the name "Cai Lin".

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