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  • He was present in Black Rock City Guild when Xiao Yan appeared to take the Alchemist Exam. He tells Frank who was shocked on seeing the Purple Flame that it was not a Heavenly Flame.
  • After seeing the level of difficulty the pill Xiao Yan refined was, he was shocked to see the pill had Pill Lines which showed the pill was of high purity.
  • When Xiao Yan asks to take the exam for Tier Two Alchemist, he was shocked but allowed him to take it. After he successfully clears it, he is stunned.
  • He then gives Xiao Yan his Alchemist Robe and takes him to see Gu Te to get the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain.
  • He then meets Xiao Yan in Jia Ma Capital before the Grand Alchemist Meeting. He is a bit surprised to see Xiao Yan's appearance as he is disguised as Yan Xiao.
  • He then takes him to attend the Initial test for the Grand Alchemy Meeting. When Xiao Yan takes time to come out during the refining of the Black Iron Spiritual Leaf and is relieved when he makes it during the final moments.
  • He was then stunned on seeing Xiao Yan achieve the best result in the refining exam and wonders that Xiao Yan hides his true ability deeply. He then agrees to hide information about Xiao Yan's identity.
  • Afterwards, he meets Frank,Xu Mei and Lin Fei outside the Alchemist Guild. When Xiao Yan says he barely passed the exam, he is stupified thinking if he barely passed, then it would make the others fail. He then announces the result of the exam, greatly shocking the group.
  • During the day of the Grand Alchemist Meeting,he asks Xiao Yan to perform well and is introduced to Hai Bo Dong. When Hai Bo Dong greets them not too courteously, he stops Lin Fei who was about to chide Hai Bo Dong.
  • When Hai Bo Dong starts interacting with Fa Ma in a friendly manner, Ao Tuo ponders whether the latter is the Ice Emperor and wonders why Xiao Yan is able to befriend people of such level.