8 Ancient ClansA'TaiAlchemist
Ancient void dragon magical beast tribeAo Ba PaBai Cheng
Bai Cheng/AbilitiesBai Cheng/GalleryBai Shan
Bai Shan/GalleryBai YaBai Ya/Gallery
Battle Through The Heavens WikiaBeast FlameBlack Horn Territory
Black Seal Auction HouseBlack Skull GraveBoulder Sect
CharactersClonneyDou Qi Method Vs Dou Qi skills
Dou Qi WingsEarthElder Qing
Elder Qing/GalleryEssence FlameFa Ma
Fa Ma/GalleryFalling Star PavilionFalling Star Pavillion
Fan LingFan Ling/AbilitiesFan Ling/Gallery
Fei'ErFei'Er/GalleryFeng Lao
Flower SectFu AoFu Ao/Abilities
Fu Ao/GalleryFu Lan KeFu Lan Ke/Gallery
Game (viet-version)Gan MuGe Ye
Ge Ye/AbilitiesGe Ye/GalleryGeocentric Cleansing Milk
GlossaryGu ClanGu He
Gu He/GalleryGu TeHa Lang
Hai Po DongHai Po Dong/AbilitiesHai Po Dong/Gallery
Han FeiHan FengHan Feng/Gallery
Han XianHan Xian/GalleryHan Yue
Han Yue/AbilitiesHan Yue/GalleryHe Meng
He XueHeavenly Snake MansionHu Jia
Hu Jia/GalleryHu YanHuo
ItemsJia Lie AoJia Lie Ao/Abilities
Jia Lie BiJia Lie NuJia Nan Academy
Jia Nan EldersJia Nan Elders/GalleryJia Xing Tian
Jin YinLight NovelLin Fei
Lin Fei/GalleryLin Xiu YaLin Xiu Ya/Abilities
Lin Xiu Ya/GalleryLin Xiu Ya/RelationshipsLin Yan
Lin Yan/GalleryLing YingLing Ying/Gallery
Liu JingLiu Jing/AbilitiesLiu Jing/Gallery
Liu LingLiu Ling/GalleryLiu Xi
Liu jingLu ManLu Man/Gallery
Lu MuLuo BuMagical Beast
Manly Steel MercenaryMaster Ao TouMaster Ao Tou/Gallery
Medusa/RelationshipsMeng LiMercenary
Miteer FamilyMo Ba SiMo Cheng
Mo Cheng/GalleryMo ClanMonster Core
Mu Er HanMu Er Han/AbilitiesMu Er Han/Gallery
Mu Lan EldersMu LiMu She
Na Lan JieNa Lan Jie/GalleryNa Lan Su
Na Lan Su/GalleryNa Lan Yan RanNa Lan Yan Ran/Abilities
Na Lan Yan Ran/GalleryNa Lan Yan Ran/RelationshipsNovel vs Manhua (comparision page, may contain spoiler)
Pei EnPei En/GalleryPoison Master
Purple Crystal Winged Lion KingPurple Crystal Winged Lion King/GalleryQing Lin
Qing Ling/AbilitiesQing Ling/GalleryRanking
RanksReceptarier GuildRuo Ling
Ruo Ling/AbilitiesRuo Ling/GallerySkyFire 3 Mysterious Change
SnakemenSnow Demonic ApeSnow Demonic Ape/Gallery
Snow Demonic Ape/RelationshipsSoul ClanSoul Force or Soul Power/Energy
SpiritSpirit HallSpoilers
Su QianTeng ShanTeng Shan/Gallery
Tian HuoWhite ClanWu Dan City
Wu HaoWu Hao/AbilitiesWu Hao/Gallery
Wu Hao/RelationshipsXian yan/GalleryXiao Alliance(Yan alliance in the light novel)
Xiao DingXiao Ding/GalleryXiao Family
Xiao HongXiao Hong/GalleryXiao Li
Xiao Li/GalleryXiao LinXiao Ling
Xiao Ling/GalleryXiao MeiXiao Mei/Gallery
Xiao NanXiao Nan/GalleryXiao Ning
Xiao Ning/AbilitiesXiao QingXiao Qing/Gallery
Xiao SectXiao XiaoXiao Xiao/Abilities
Xiao Xiao/GalleryXiao XuanXiao Xun
Xiao Xun/AbilitiesXiao Xun/GalleryXiao Xun Er/Gallery
Xiao YanXiao Yan/AbilitiesXiao Yan/Gallery
Xiao Yan/RelationshipsXiao YaoXiao Yao/Gallery
Xiao Yi XianXiao Yi Xian/AbilitiesXiao Yi Xian/Gallery
Xiao YuXiao Yu/GalleryXiao Zhan
Xiao Zhan/AbilitiesXiao Zhan/GalleryXuan Wu
Xue MeiXue Mei/GalleryYa Fei
Ya Fei/GalleryYan CiYan Hao
Yan Hao/GalleryYan Hao/RelationshipsYan Li
Yan Li/GalleryYan Luo TianYan Shi
Yan Shi/AbilitiesYao LaoYao Lao/Abilities
Yao Lao/GalleryYao ShengYao Ye
Yu ErYu Er/GalleryYue Mei
Yue Mei/AbilitiesYue Mei/GalleryYun Lan Sect
Yun LengYun ShanYun Shan/Abilities
Yun Shan/GalleryYun YunYun Yun/Abilities
Yun Yun/GalleryZhao Pao HuiZi Yan
Zi Yan/Gallery

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