Liu Jing
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Liu Jing 2
Name Liu Jing
Also known as
Status Active
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Family Fei'Er (cousin)
Magical Beast
Occupation Jia Nan Academy Elder
Affiliation Liu Family
Jia Nan Academy
Dou Ranks Dou King
Receptarier Ranks
Manhua Debut Chapter 141
Light Novel Debut


Description Edit

Lui Jing is a senior student at the Jia Nan Academy, it is believed that he is number 3 in the Jia Nan Academy's power ranking competition. He has a very spoiled cousin name Liu Fei'Er.

Appearance Edit

Has a wild appearance with white hair and reddish brown eyes. His famous weapon is a spear.

Personality Edit

Liu Jing has a slight disklike for Fei'Er, as well as a tendancy to fight. He is more nice compared to his cousin .

History Edit

He was/is one of the best students in Jia Nan Academy. He had a small dispute toward Xiao Yan because of his sister. However, that was all solved when their fight was over.


Trivia Edit

Light Novel Edit

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