He is the second strongest student in the power ranking of the inner branch. He is friends with Han Yue and Yan Hao. He is consider the strongest of his generation by his peers and the 2nd strongest student in the Jia Nan Academy in the current course.


He is tall and lean muscular body with gray hair and brown eyes.


He is calm even when he is facing danger, and relies on his friends Han Yue and Yan Hao and he is also consider as a reliable person.



He is first seem talking with Han Yue, at the top of a building, about the newcomers being really strong this year.

During Xiao Yan's training to master the 3000 Lightning Movement, Yao Lao dragged him to see a battle between Lin Xiu Ya, 3rd in the Power Ranking Yan Hao, and the leader of Spirit Sect(Lin Sect), Han Yue versus a Snow Demonic Ape in order to acquire the geocentric cleansing milk.