Jia Nan Academy

The Ancient Academy sitting in the Center of the Dou Qi Continent ( illiterally)- Jia Nan Academy. The real location of the academy is in Black Horn Territory which is located at the north west of the Dou Qi continent. It is a place that gathers genius from all cross the Dou Qi continent. A holy land within numerous martial artist's hearts.

Jia Nan Academy is known for having a place where you can cultivate Dou Qi faster than almost anywhere else on the planet. This is due to the fact that Jia Nan Academy has the Fallen Meteor Heart Flame. Which has grown from a mere Essence Flame into a Flame spirit with intelligence.

Jia Nan Academy hold a contest every year for the Outer Branch students so that they can enter the Inner Branch. Not only can they enter the Inner Branch but the top 5 people from this competition will gain right to enter the Hidden Library.

Jia Nan Academy accept students from any empire and each of the empire dare not to offend the Jia Nan Academy. The first requirement to enter the Jia Nan Academy is to reach 8 Duan Qi below the age of 20. Students will then be divided in their potentials, 8 Duan Qi will belong to F Class, 9 Duan Qi belong to E Class, D class are 1 star Dou Zhe, C Class are 2 star Dou Zhe, continueing this manner and the highest is S class which are 5 star Dou Zhe. However there has only been one person who is below the age of 20 reaching 5 star this was true until Xiao Xun enrolled who was a 6 star Dou Zhe which is a higher rank than a S class.

In the Inner branch of the Jia Nan Academy there is a competition called the Inner Branch Competition, this competition will decide the ranking of the members of the Inner Branch. Only people in the Power Ranking which is Top 50 can participate in them, as long as you become a menber of top 10 then you will have the opportunity to become an elder and receive qualification for the 9th floor of the Qi Refinement Tower and allow the Fallen Heart essence Flame to train your body.


Head Master:

  • Mang Tian Chi


  • Bai Lie
  • Qian Mu

Great Elder:



Power Ranking Competition Ranks:

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