Jia Lie Ao
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Name Jia Lie Ao
Also known as Young Master
Status Alive
Physical Description
Species Human
Age 24-25
Gender Male
Hair Color Pale blonde
Eye Color Amethyst
Family Jia Lie Bi (Father)

Jia Lie Nu

Magical Beast
Occupation Clan Leader
Affiliation Jia Lie Clan
Dou Ranks Dou Zhe - Dou Practitioner
Receptarier Ranks
Element Wind
Home Jia Lie Estate, Wu Dan City, Jia Ma Empire
Manhua Debut Chapter 4
Light Novel Debut


Jia Lie Ao is the current Master/Leader of the Jia Lie Family, after Medusa killed his father Jia Lie Bi. Jia Lie Ao was the rival of Xiao Yan in his mind.

Appearance Edit

Jia Lie Ao is an average built body, with blond hair and amethyst eyes.

Personality Edit

Jia Lie Ao believes that his family is the mightiest and strongest amongst the three major families in Wu Dan City. He is always trying to show off the power, influence, and riches of his family in public and, especially when Xiao Xun is around.

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • While Xiao Yan was known for being crippled Jia Lie Ao was known for being very his attitude to girls.

Light Novel Edit