In the world of Battle Through the Heavens, there exists flames given birth by natural forces, known as Heavenly Flames((异火). From the original Chinese characters,this should have been translated to different or abnormal flames. These Heavenly Flames are incredibly powerful, much stronger than flames created with Dou Qi, and when used by receptariers, can help to increase the effect of the pills created. However, these Heavenly Flames are extremely wild and explosive, not to mention extremely rare, so even if one encounters an Heavenly Flame, it is still extremely difficult to absorb and control it.

When an Heavenly Flame is present, all other flames fear and follow it because they are the kings of flames and all other flames naturally serve it. Heavenly Flames are formed through the slow accumulation of the world's Heavenly and tend to have their own unique shapes. For example, The Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame is shaped like a lotus. What's rarer is that a few Heavenly Flames will possess emotions and intelligence! The flame that possesses wisdom is known as a Flame Spirit! Its intelligence is comparable to High-Class Magical Beasts that can shape-shift into a human form! There are 23 different flames that we know of, and they've been ranked according to strength in the "Heavenly Flame Rankings".

1. Emperor FlameEdit

1. 陀舍古帝 - Emperor Flame

Appearance: Multi-colored, Tou She Ancient God


User:   Tou She Ancient God and later, Xiao Yan who receives the direct inheritance from Tou She.


2. Void Devouring Flame/Nihility Devouring FlameEdit

2. 虚无吞炎 - Void Devouring Flame

Appearance: A man dressed in black covered in runes with pure black eyes that have no sclera.

Location: Hun Clan

User: Hun Mie Sheng (Spirit Hall Master)(seed flame)(1536), Hun Xu, Xiao Yan

Ability: This flame also known as the Nihility Devouring Flame was born in nothingness, and has no appearance to be seen and no form to be grasped. This Ethereal Swallowing Flame is highly mysterious, and is said to be able to devour the heavens and the skies, and possess the ability to swallow all things. There are only a few things in existence that can resist its ravenous devouring.

Note: This flame formed a flame spirit and is capable of fighting the clan head of the Gu Clan, Gu Yuan. It is strong enough to swallow an entire realm created by a Dou Sheng and defeat the soul fragment of the Yao clan Dou Di.

3. Purifying Demonic Lotus FlameEdit

3. 净莲妖火 - Purifying Lotus Demon Flame


  • Milky White (Original source is pink)
  • A white-robed figure was seated at that spot. Wisps of a cream-white flames lingered around him, morphing into various shapes.
  • Little Yi, baby-like appearance

Location: Demonic Flame Realm

User: Purifying Lotus Demon Saint, Xiao Yan(1523)


Note: The first flame they encountered became a flame spirit that was sealed by the previous holder and was very aggressive towards everyone. The flame spirit gained the techniques of the Purifying Lotus Demon Saint and is able to use Dou Skills and formations.

4. Golden Emperor Sky Burning FlameEdit

4. 金帝焚天炎 - Golden Emperor Sky Burning Flame

Appearance: Golden

Location: Gu Clan (Xun Er's clan, one of the eight Ancient Clans)

User: Xiao Xun Er(1106), Xiao Yan

Ability: Though not as mysterious as the Purifying Lotus Demon Flame, it still has quite the reputation, for this flame is passed down through generations within the Gu Clan, and very few people have the ability to control it. The Golden Emperor Sky Burning Flame is able to even incinerate Dou Qi. Legends say that the first user of this flame, when unleashing its power, was able to instantly burn down a spatial realm made by a Dou Sheng.

5. Life Spirit FlameEdit

5. 生灵之焱 - Life Spirit Flame

Appearance: Green


User: Tuo She Gu Di, Shen Nong(1567), Xiao Yan

Ability: This flame is highly strange, for most Heavenly Flames are pervaded with the power of destruction, but the Living Spirits Flame, instead of displaying destructiveness, is instead famous for its power of life. The steam produced by this flame helps to accelerate the growth of magical herbs, and it is said that if one tosses some seeds into this flame, those seeds would quickly germinate and grow. In other words, with this flame, one would no longer need to search for any herbs, and would be able to get boundless amounts of ingredients with just seeds.

This Living Spirits Flame is also known as the Flame of Longevity, for any person who obtains this flame would get a lifespan comparable to that of those beasts which are famous for their long lifespan. The only flaw of this flame is that this flame is not very suitable for combat, thus it does little to increment one's battle strength.

6. Eight Wasteland Destruction FlameEdit

6. 八荒破灭焱 - Eight Waste Destruction Flame

Appearance: Light Black, A pair of thousand-foot-large flame wings

Location: Yan Clan (One of the eight Ancient Clans)

User: Tuo She Gu Di, Yan Huo Xuan(1497), Xiao Yan

Ability: Strongest flame possessed by the Yan Clan. Can transform into wings with a wingspan of over 300 metres, and is extremely domineering.

7. Nine Eerie Golden Ancestor FlameEdit

7. 九幽金祖火 - Nine Eerie Golden Ancestor Flame

Appearance: Golden

Location: Yan Clan

User: Yan Jin (Yan Clan Leader)(1586), Xiao Yan

Ability: Has already been fused with Volcanic Stone Flame to create a new Heavenly Flame, and the created flame is able to fight against the Golden Emperor Sky Burning Flame on equal grounds.

8. Red Lotus FlameEdit

8. 红莲业火 - Red Lotus Flame

Appearance: Deep Red

Location: Yan Clan

User: Yan Huo Zhi(1353), Xiao Yan

Ability: Not much is known about its ability, just that this flame is pretty enchanting and that a red lotus forms within its flames.

9. Three Thousand Star Fire FlameEdit

9. 三千焱炎火 - Three Thousand Star Fire Flame

Alternative Name: Undying Flame, Three Thousand Burning Flame

Appearance: Dark Purple

Location: Born within the stars, later trapped by Pill Tower

User: Tuo She Gu Di, Xiao Yan (1205)

Ability: The Three Thousand Star Fire Flame is born within the stars, and is able to absorb starlight to grow stronger. When this flame is formed, silver fire descends from the sky, and the land within thousands of miles would be just like a desert, with no differentiation between day and night, for the stars won't show, and the sun won't rise.

As this flame lives within the stars, and is difficult to be found, thus this flame would normally exist for longer periods of time as compared to other Heavenly Flames. This is also why most Three Thousand Star Fire Flames found would have its own emotions and intelligence, and is highly difficult to capture. This flame also possesses the ability of "Three Thousand Star Physique", granting its owners immense recovery powers, allowing them to have what is widely known as "undying bodies".

The effect of self-healing will only activate if the user is conscious.

10. Nine Serene Wind FlameEdit

10. 九幽风炎 - Nine Serene Wind Flame

Appearance: Black

Location: Born deep within dark abysses, where cold winds blow endlessly. Later owned by the Yao Clan

User: Yao Xing Ji(1353), Yao Wan Huo(1567), Xiao Yan

first app 1353

Ability: This flame gives off a strange sound which can affect people's mentalities and emotions, causing them to feel irritated.

11. Bone Chilling FlameEdit

11. 骨灵冷火 - Chilling Bone Flame

Appearance: Light blue flame with a large white core (before absorption), blue flame with a light blue core./ In Novel: White coloured Flame

Location: Unnamed Ice Plane

User: Yao Lao, Xiao Yan (1293 -passed down by Yao Lao)

Ability: It has cold attributes along with extreme heat making it more dangerous.

12. Nine Dragon Lightning FlameEdit

12. 九龙 雷 罡 火 - Nine Dragon Lightning Flame

Appearance: Silver Flame

Location: Burning Flame Valley

User: Tang Zhen (1047), Xiao Yan

Ability: a dragon’s might gathered in the Heavenly Flame. Hence, it possesses the miraculous effect of shocking one’s soul.

Note: Burning Flame Valley has placed a special seal on their flame to ensure no outsiders can use it and that it can be safely passed on within their sect.

13. Turtle Spirit Earthly FlameEdit

13. 龟灵地火 - Turtle Spirit Earthly Flame

Appearance: Earth Brown 

Location: Yao Clan  

User: Yao Tian(1501), Xiao Yan

14. Fallen Heart FlameEdit

14. 陨落心炎 - Fallen Heart Flame

Appearance: Flame Snake/ In Novel: Colourless/Invisible Flame Snake

Location: Jia Nan Academy (Inner Branch Tower)

User: Tian Huo, Xiao Yan (618)

Ability: Refines soul and accelerates Dou Qi training. On a higher level, this Heavenly flame is a good way to wipe out weaker opponents with little or no effort, also anti-soulforms. It also has the ability to make the Dou Qi denser. However after the Dou Qi is refined by the Fallen Heart Flame, the Dou Qi will carry Flame Poison which will make the person who absorbs the Dou Qi incredibly sick. Only an Heavenly flame can protect the person from Flame Poison.

15. Sea Heart FlameEdit

15. 海心焰 - Sea Heart Flame

Appearance: It appears to be a sea green flame. In Novel: Ocean Blue


User: Han Feng, Mu Gu(1151), Xiao Yan (1487)

Ability: Unknown, ability was not stated but it is assumed that it can overpower lower ranked Heavenly flames.

16. Flaming Cloud Water FlameEdit

16. 火云水焱 - Flaming Cloud Water Flame


Location: Yan Clan

User: Yan Huo Yao(1497)   


17. Volcanic Stone FlameEdit

17. 火山石焰 - Volcanic Stone Flame

Appearance: Fiery red, orange and yellow color, just like lava.

Location: Yan Clan

User: Yan Jin (Yan Clan Leader) (1586)


18.Wind and Thunder Fury FlameEdit

18. 风雷怒焱 - Wind and Thunder Fury Flame


Location: The Wind and Thunder Fury Flame remnant was found on one of the flame column on the Heavenly Flame Stage that was created by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) in the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion (古帝洞府). The Wind and Thunder Fury Flame column was the 18th column (sixth furthest) from the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) statue.

User: Xiao Xuan


19. Green Lotus Core FlameEdit

19. 青莲地心火 - Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame

Appearance: Originally in the form of a Green Lotus, after absorption it appears to be a green flame.

Location: Queen Medusa's Palace. (Formerly)

User: Xiao Yan (227), Yao Lao (After possessing Xiao Yan's body)

Shown: Manhua chapter 44

Ability: In the novel, it was mentioned that this flame is capable of causing volcanic eruption, though this ability was never used. The color of the flame is Green in the novel rather than Blue as it is shown in the Manhua.

the volcanic eruption ability is amplified by a dou technique that xiao yan acquires later on and gets the ability to create a silent pillar of lava under his opponents or anywhere he wishes to.

“‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ is nineteenth on the ‘Heavenly Flame’ ranking. It is formed deep underground and has experienced the polishing, fusion, pressure, and carving from the planet’s flame… It forms a spirit in ten years, takes shape in a hundred years and turns into a lotus in a thousand years. When it is completely formed, its color would slant toward the greenish side and the lotus core would form a cluster of green flame, named as “Green Lotus Flame’ or ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. The strength of this flame is unpredictable. When it is near volcanoes, it can cause volcanoes to erupt, forming a mayira; destructive strength.

20. Dragon Phoenix FlameEdit

20. 龙凤焱 - Dragon Phoenix Flame


Location: The Dragon Phoenix Flame remnant was found on one of the flame column on the Heavenly Flame Stage that was created by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) in the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion (古帝洞府). The Dragon Phoenix Flame column was the 20th column (fourth furthest) from the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) statue.

User:Xiao Xuan


21. Six Path Reincarnation FlameEdit

21. 六道轮回炎 - Six Path Reincarnation Flame


Location: The Six Path Reincarnation Flame remnant was found on one of the flame column on the Heavenly Flame Stage that was created by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) in the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion (古帝洞府). The Six Path Reincarnation Flame column was the third furthest from the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) statue.

User: Xiao Xuan


22. Ten Thousand Beast FlameEdit

22. 万兽灵火 - Ten Thousand Beast Flame

Appearance: Faint red color of ten thousand beast(1631)

Location: The Ten Thousand Beast Flame remnant was found on one of the flame column on the Heavenly Flame Stage that was created by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) in the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion (古帝洞府). The Ten Thousand Beast Flame column was the second furthest from the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) statue.



23. Mysterious Yellow FlameEdit

23. 玄黄炎 - Mysterious Yellow Flame

Appearance: Deep yellow flame(1631)

Location: The Mysterious Yellow Flame remnant was found on one of the flame column on the Heavenly Flame Stage that was created by the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) in the Ancient Emperor Cave Mansion (古帝洞府). The Mysterious Yellow Flame column was the furthest from the Ancient Emperor Tuo She (陀舍古帝) statue. The Mysterious Yellow Flame source was located in mountain range that was at least 100 000 km from the Central Plain and it was summoned by Xiao Yan during his final fight against Emperor Hun Tian.



Trivia Edit

  • Its called Heavenly Flame in the light novel.
  • There are actually only 22 Heavenly Flames in existence. The Emperor flame is a combination of all of them.
  • Void Swallowing Flame (9* Dou Sheng) and Purifying Lotus Flame (6 or 7* Dou Sheng) are the only flames to create flame spirits and cultivate dou qi themselves in the series.