Hai Po Dong's abilities are all ice types moves. These abilities further support his title as The Ice Emperor.


Info Image

Name:  Dou Qi Armor


Hai Po Dong's dou qi armor appears to be a snowman.  It is unknown as to whether or not this is his actual dou qi armor, if it's a side-effect of him being reverted to a child, or even if this is an official dou qi armor at all.  He is seen using this ability whenever Xiao Yan combines essesnce flames.


  • Protects the user from damage

Name:  Frozen Armor


  • Increases the user's physical offensive abilities and piercing power
Frozen Armor

Name:  Mysterious Ice Dance


  • Allows the user to locate the weakpoint in a surrounding barrier through the use of ice
Mysterious Ice Dance

Name:  Mysterious Ice Mirror


  • Reflects the physical attacks of the opponent
Mysterious Ice Mirror

Name:  Condensed Ice Mirror


  • Protects the user from attacks by surrounding themselves in an ice barrier
  • Reflects the physical attacks of the opponent
Condensed Ice Mirror1

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