Hai Po Dong
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Name Hai Po Dong
Also known as Ice Emperor
Status Alive
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Violet
Family Teng Shan(Brother)
Allies Xiao Yan
Magical Beast
Affiliation Miteer Family
Dou Ranks Dou Huang - Dou Emperor 2 Stars
Receptarier Ranks
Element Ice
Home Jia Ma Empire
Manhua Debut Chapter 38
Light Novel Debut Chapter 177

  Hai Po Dong is the one of the founders of the Mitre Family. His prowess in ice Dou Qi earned him the title Ice Emperor. After breaking the seal that was placed on him by Queen Medusa, he was transformed into a child beacuse of a modification of the 6th rank Destruction Pill by Yao Lao.

Appearance Edit

When he was first shown he was a tall old man with a long light blue hair and beard. But after Xiao Yan came back with the blue lotus essence flame and took the 6th rank Destruction Pill modify by his master, Hai Po Dong was transformed into a child. This child appearance was that of a six years old with light blue hair.

Personality Edit

In the beginning he was angry and distrustful of all, but after he turned into a child and regained his full power he was more friendlier and caring towards Xiao Yan.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is the second person to see Yao Lao in his spirit form first being Xiao Yan, while third being Medusa.

Light Novel Edit

  • In the novel however, he was not transformed into a child but there is a small amount of Chilling Bone Flame in his body which is the back up plan should he betray Xiao Yan.
  • In the light novel, he didn't need the full recovery pill in order to fully regain his peak power. He somehow has eaten that pill in the time period when Xiao Yan go to the Jia Nan Academy. Xiao Yan didn't know of this so he created this recovery pill as the first 6th grade pill he offically made as a compensation for all the helps that Hai Po Dong gave to Xiao family.

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