He came with Na Lan Yan Ran to cancel the marrage With Xiao Yan and again tried to stop him from fighting Na Lan Yan Ran 3 years later.

Appearance Edit

Ge Ye is a tall old man with a muscular average built body, with long white hairs, long and thick white mustache, and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Has quite a rotten attitude and is quite devoted to the Yun Lan Sect. Even doing dirty background work such as trying to stop Xiao Yan from fighting with Na Lan Yan Ran.

History Edit

At the beginning, he and Na Lan Yan Ran go to see Xiao family. They arrive with some prizes, as swords, potions and elixirs. This elixirs were produced by Elixir King Gu He and could raise an individual's Dou-Qi significantly.

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He had brought with him a powder made by the Pill King in order to make up with cancelling the marriage between Xiao Yan and Na Lan Yan Ran.