Liu Fei'Er
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Fei'Er 2
Name Liu Fei'Er
Also known as Miss Fei'Er/Cunt

Pixie (by Liu Jing)

Status Active
Physical Description
Species Human
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Red
Magical Beast
Occupation Student
Affiliation Jia Nan Academy
Dou Ranks Da Dou Shi - Dou Grand Master
Receptarier Ranks
Manhua Debut Chapter 126
Light Novel Debut Chapter 487


Liu Fei'er is a female student that likes to control any individuals, mostly males students, by using her young face and cuteness. She possesses a number of followers and when she does not get her way she uses her cousin Liu Jing.

Appearance Edit

In reality she has blonde hair with red eyes however in her mind her hair is white with violet eyes,

Personality Edit

She is a very arrogant person who think her brother is the center of the world.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Trivia Edit

Light Novel Edit

  • In the novel, it was because she wanted to threaten Xiao Yan that she broke the door and she isn't as much 2-faced as in the manhua, also the room wasn't decorate with teddy bear also, there wasn't any pink in the room.

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