Bai Cai
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Name Bai Cai
Also known as Xiao Cai
Status Active
Owner Xiao Yan
Race Magical Beast
Gender Female
Personal Stats
Species Seven Colored Sky-Swallowing Serpent
Rank 7
Manhua Debut Chapter 49
Light Novel Debut

Bai Cai is a Seven Colored Sky-Swallowing Serpent who is also the alter ego of queen Medusa. Because she evolved through the use of the Blue Lotus Geocentric Flame she is able to consume essence flames as well as other types of flames such as beast flames.

Appearance Edit

Her body is of a small snake with cloud tattoo on her rainbow colored body.

Personality Edit

Is quite loyal to Xiao Yan and loves to eat flame. She has a big tendency to sleep and will only wake up when there are flame to eat.

History Edit

Plot Edit

It was because of Bai Cai's pleading that Medusa helped Xiao Yan against Yun Shan.

Trivia Edit

  • She is called Xiao Cai in the english manhua translated version
  • She was able to save Xiao Yan life by scaring away the Purple Crystal Winged Lion King even though she was asleep.
  • Her father is Xiao Yan and her mother is Medusa

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